Transform your living space into a cozy plush
April 28, 2023

Transform your living space into a cozy plush

Living space is not only a place to unwind and relax. It is a stage to dance your heart out, a canvas to your wildest dreams, a fluffy cloud to sink in, and the story of your lazy afternoons. Your living space is uniquely yours as it is the heaven of coziness where you get to embrace your inner weirdness. 

Imagine what a luxury it would be if you give a new and elevating look to your lounging space by adding coziness and plush to the surrounding. You will always be back home to an elevating comfort.

Therefore here are some tips to transform your living space into a heavenly comfort with aesthetic values.

1- Choose contrast colors:  

The colors of your sofa shouldn’t match the color of your pillows. That makes things pretty boring and a little dowdy. Pillows offer you the chance to inject vibrancy and texture into your living area. So, enjoy the process of picking out pillows and bring in some creative flair to your home.

2- Select a color palette: 

Every comfortable living space has a color scheme that complements the ambiance. Therefore, it's important to carefully choose your color palette to give an aesthetic appeal to the space.  Take a look at the colors of your walls, sofa, or coffee table, and choose a pillow color that already exists in your living room. Picking the right shade can easily enhance the look of your room.

3- Add soft and plushy pillows:

Soft and plush pillows are a must-have to add both comfort and luxury to your living area. Once you've settled on your color palette, be sure to select pillows that provide the ultimate softness, allowing you to sink in and bask in their warm embrace. The softness of these pillows can also create a soothing effect in the space.

4- Indulge in toning:

A subtle yet effective way to experiment with your pillows is by adding textured pillows. Layering textures and fabrics is a great way to add an aesthetic appeal to your living space. You can choose from the handcrafted pillows and covers of the House of Harkaari as they are made using the finest fabrics and hues. This will create a warm and inviting atmosphere that's perfect for lounging and relaxing.

5- Decide the placement :

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to arranging pillows, good positioning can make a big difference. If you like a traditional and uniform look, you can easily place one or two matching pillows at the end. Alternatively, if you want some fun, placing mixes of different sizes can add a lot of pop and vibrancy to the entire space. 

By following these tips, you can transform your living space into an uplifting and rejuvenating experience every time you step in. If you're on the hunt for pillows that complement your home decor and match your personal style, be sure to check out the collection from House of Harkaari. Their handcrafted pillows come in a wide variety of colors and textures and are designed to provide the ultimate comfort with their cushiony and soft fabrics. These pillows are the perfect finishing touch to elevate your living area and give you the ultimate comfort with their soft plush.